Milwaukee 18V M18 Hackzall Reciprocating Saw – 2625-20

Milwaukee 18V M18 Hackzall Saw - ToolHQJust when you thought that there was no way that Milwaukee could improve their reciprocating saw, they show you something like the Hackzall that you never even say coming.  Milwaukee builds quality tool that are built for the jobsite but can be used with confidence by the do it yourselfer.  The tool is basically a sawzall, but with a few modifications.  First of all, it can be operated using just one hand, which comes in very handy when you need to hold your work piece in place, or you are in a confined area.  The next thing that you will notice is that it is very like, less than 4.5 pounds.  This has its advantages because you will not become fatigued as quickly.  The other nice thing about this tool is that you do not have to buy special blades in order to use it. It uses standard reciprocating blades and the quick change blade system is just as easy as you would expect to change blades.

It has plenty of power because it runs on Milwaukee’s 18 v lithium ion batteries and can use either the regular high capacity battery or the compact design.  This may change the way the tool is balanced in each individual’s hands, but at least you have the choice.  This means that you get the most powerful batteries and the longest run time that Milwaukee has ever offered.  This tool also cuts fast, with a ¾” stroke and 3000 strokes per minute; which means that it makes fast work of anything you put in front of it.  It can cut flush and through 2x material and with metal blades can cut though anything that Milwaukee’s standard sawzall can cut through, just in a much more compact package.  The tool also has a built in LED light that helps illuminate the working surface, which is very helpful in dark and confined areas.  And because it is a Milwaukee brand tool, you know that you are getting a solidly built tool, which will work hard for a long time.  This particular model comes with just the bare tool, so if you are just starting to put together a Milwaukee set of tools, you will need the batteries and a charger in order to use this tool.  It is available as part of a set as well.

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