Product Review: Paslode CF-325 Fuel Powered Cordless Framer Nail Gun Kit 902200


The Paslode CF325 fuel powered cordless framing gun kit is the ultimate tool for those tough jobs that require heavy duty tools, but you want to break free from being tethered to an air compressor and electricity.  The CF325 is a powerful, rechargeable framing nail gun that uses a compressed fuel cartridge to drive the nails into the pieces being fastened together.  Here’s what you get in the box:  Of course the tool itself, a 12 month warranty, 1 Quickload fuel cell, rechargeable 6V battery with 2 hour AC charger, safety glasses and a carrying case.

Paslode has perfected their fuel cell technology, now only requiring one type of fuel cell that fits into all of their framing gun models.  The CF325 is a powerful tool, able to drive nails ranging from 2” in length, all the way up to 3 ¼” long.  You will be able to drive between 1100 and 1300 nails using a single fuel cell.  You will be able to drive approximately 4000 nails per battery charge and with the tool weighing in at only about 7.5 lbs with the battery; user fatigue is kept to a minimum.  In fact, the lightweight of the tool and the compact design made it very easy and comfortable to use, fitting in tight spots and between regular 16” wall, roof or floor joists.  The compact design and the fact that you are not connected to any cords or hoses made this tool much more convenient than any of the other cordless nail guns that we have tested in the past.  It just has a power that the other tools don’t and is built much more solidly and ruggedly than other tools on the market.  When you take this tool out of its carrying case, there is no mistaking it with a tool that was made for sporadic use around the house.  No, this is a heavy duty tool made for tough jobs every day.  In your hands, it feels more solid and weighty than the 7.5 lbs. that it weighs in at.

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