Check Out This Week’s Weekly Deal:

ToolHQ - Makita Deal Of the WeekMakita :XPH01Z 18V Cordless ½’ Hammer Drill Bare Tool is only $101.20 with Free Shipping, in stock now. This is brand new, not reconditioned in any way.

This is a great gift for someone who already has a battery, or for yourself. We also sell the batteries, if you need them- but this is a great deal if you are just looking for an inexpensive tool, this is the way to do it. This tool has a built in LED light and a ½’ keyless chuck for quick bit changes.  It also has 16 clutch settings and a belt clip and an all metal 2 speed transmission.

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Don’t Miss Out On Our Tool of the Week!

ToolHQ - Makita Cordless Hammer DrillThis week’s weekly deal comes to us from Makita. It is the LXPH01Z 18V Cordless ½” hammer Drill Bare (new) tool for only $82.30, with free shipping as usual!

This Hammer Drill has Makita’s 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammer Driver Drill has a built in L.E.D. light that helps illuminate darker work areas. A 1/2 inch keyless chuck for quick bit changes. 16 clutch settings a tool belt clip that can attaché to either side of the tool and an all metal 2 speed Transmission.

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Check Out The Makita LXPH01Z

ToolHQ - Makita LXPH01Z 18V Cordless DrillHere is Makita’s powerful, compact ½” hammer drill and the best part about it is that it is on sale.  You are looking at 50% off RRP.  What does that mean?  It means that you are going to save some cash.  This is the perfect add-on to that Makita kit that you already own or the kit you are about to build.

This hammer drill is loaded with features and power.  It delivers 480 in lbs. of max torque, which means in real life terms, you shouldn’t have to worry about power.  It also has a 2-speed motor to cover all driving and hammer applications.  Like I said before, it is compact, measuring about 8 1/8” long and weighing in at about 4lbs.  It has a built in LED light to light up those dark work places and a rubberized soft grip for a little extra comfort during those long days on the job.  Every little bit helps of course.

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Makita Helps Build Your Tool Kit

ToolHQ - Makita - LXPH01Z Hammer DrillA great way to build your tool kit is to do it one tool at a time.  Here’s a great deal from Makita on their 18v hammer drill.  The LXPH01Z is a bare tool, so if you already have some of the other tools in the Makita 18v line, this one will fit right in.

That is one of the great things about ToolHQ; you can build the kit you need any way you want it.  This Makita hammer drill is a powerful drill, in a fairly compact design.  It is just over eight inches long and just about 4lbs in weight.  And with the combination of Makita’s powerful 4 pole motor and their 18v lithium ion battery (not included) this drill has plenty of power.  It delivers 480 in lbs of torque.  And with the variable 2 speed motor, it covers a wide range of applications, ranging from 0-400 and 0-1500RPM respectively.  It also has a built in LED with their afterglow feature that illuminates the entire work area.  Being stuck in the dark is a thing of the past.  And of course Makita is known for their reliability and quality design, and the all metal gear construction and ergonomically designed soft grip is no exception.

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Makita’s Heavy Duty Contractor Bag

ToolHQ - Makita Tool BagAlright, this one might seem a bit too simple that it is often overlooked.  It’s about tool storage.  I am not talking about tool boxes in your workshop or garage; I mean what you carry your power tools around in.  Most of the times when I am working, I just lug around the carrying case that the drill comes in or if I’m at home, I take it out of the box and carry it around to my work area.  But what about when you need to move multiple tools around the job site and keep everything organized?  That’s where Makita comes in.

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Makita Just Made Working Hard a Little Easier

ToolHQ - Makita - LXP01Z 18v LXT Cordless PlanerMakita, a name you can trust for quality and hard working tools, has another tool that you just might want in your toolbox.  It is their LXPK01Z 18 volt lithium ion powered 3-1/4” planer.  A planer is a pretty specialized tool, but when you need one on the jobsite, there just isn’t a worthy substitute.  Makita makes it a little easier because their LXPK01Z is cordless and completely portable.  But just because it doesn’t have a cord, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have all the power you need to get another tough job done.  The specs on this tool speak for themselves.  It offers a lot of tool in a 7.5 lb package.

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Brushless Drills. What’s Next?

ToolHQ - Makita Brushless DrillOver the past year or so, brushless technology has started to get more and more popular.  Like all new technology it will take a little while for it to catch on, but as consumers start seeing the benefits of brushless tools, there will be even more demand for the tools.  They are more efficient because they don’t waste and power creating friction and heat and the last longer because there are less part to wear out and because of the decrease in heat and friction.

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What Can Your Miter Saw Do?

ToolHQ - Discount Makita LXSL01 18V LXT Lithium Ion Cordless Compound Mitre SawLearning how to use a power tool correctly is very important.  Following all of the safety procedures, using good judgment and knowing the capabilities of your tool is essential.  If you are not a tradesman or professional you may not use a tool very often and so refreshing your memory before getting started is a good idea.  I don’t do a lot of trim work normally unless I am doing a project on my own, so I always have to refresh my memory on making the appropriate outside and inside angle cuts.   So what I usually do is grab four pieces of scrap wood and make an inside corner set and an outside corner set.  Then when I am doing my work I can use them for reference incase my brain goes to sleep for a few minutes.  Usually, after a few cuts, the cuts become second nature and I don’t even have to reference the samples any longer.

The great thing about a compound miter saw is that it has multiple capabilities.  You are going to be able to change the angle of the cut and the bevel at which you cut the piece.  You can cut a straight piece of lumber from somewhere between 0 degrees and over 45 degrees in both directions.  Depending on the saw, there may be a little variance.  You will also be able to bevel from about 0 degrees to over 45 degrees in both directions depending on the saw.  The point being that you have a lot of flexibility with this type of saw.  Sometimes it takes a little practice to figure out exactly what your saw can do and whether or not you are comfortable using it in that manner.  Some saws are going to have capabilities and options like a laser guide which can come in very handy.  There are even different size saws, with larger or smaller blades, depending on the type of work you are planning on doing.  You can even get cordless models for the ultimate in portability.

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Check Out the Weekly Deal at ToolHQ

ToolHQ - Discount Makita BHP452Z 18V LXT Lithium 12 Volt Hammer Driver DrillNobody said that you had to wait around until Christmas to get a new toy.  And nobody ever said that you had to wait for somebody else to get you that cool new toy.  So if you are looking to expand your collection of Makita power tools, ToolHQ has the Makita BHP452Z on sale this week.  It is the perfect addition to your tools box.

The hammer drill driver is built for the tough jobs that you encounter every day.  It has a two speed all metal transmission and its powerful motor delivers 450 inch pounds of torque.  The great thing about a hammer drill is that it can function as a proper drill as well.  You can switch between drill/driver and hammer action for whatever job you are elbow deep in.  This bare tool only weighs in at 4.2 pounds and is ergonomically built for operator comfort.  You don’t have to worry about the tool wearing you out before the job is done.  And as always, free domestic shipping on all items and our warehouse is stocked full of holiday goodies.

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There Is Something for Everyone on Your List at ToolHQ

Sure, receiving is great during the holidays, but knowing that you got that special someone the perfect gift feels even better.  Here at ToolHQ, we have gifts for every member of the family.  Tools aren’t just for tradesman and Dads anymore.  Everybody needs a good set of tools to get jobs done around the house and we have the perfect addition to any toolbox.

   1. Mom -  Alright, so maybe the first thing that comes to mind when picking out a gift for the woman in your life isn’t a power tool, but it can make a great addition to the other items on your list.  Milwaukee makes a great compact 12 volt drill that is perfect for all sorts of household tasks and is the perfect size and weight for lighter duty jobs including crafts and small repairs around the house.  Plus, with the handy holster, it is easily carried around from one job to the next.

ToolHQ - Discount Milwaukee 2401-20 12V M12 Compact Drill ToolHQ - Discount Milwaukee 2335-20 M12 12 Tool Holster ToolHQ - Discount Milwaukee M12 12V Lithium Battery

ToolHQ - Discount Makita LXT218 2PC LXT 18V Cordless Lithium Tool Combo Kit  

   2. Dad - If your father is anything like me then shopping for him is a little easier because you know that just about any type of tool will be appreciated and used.  Some Dads don’t use a lot of tools, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate the right one when the time comes.  18 volt is the way you are going to want to go and Makita makes a good starter set with all the tools that you need to get started and then some.

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Free Shipping Just in Time for the Holiday’s

ToolHQ - Discount Makita LXT239 18V Cordless Combo KitWith all the great gift ideas and stocking stuffer’s here at ToolHQ, finding the perfect gift for the Tradesman in your life or maybe the perfect item for yourself, has never been easier.  We have all the name brand tools and accessories that you want and need and what better time to treat to yourself than the holiday season?  And what makes it even better is FREE domestic shipping.  That’s right, you order it and we ship it for free.  Does it get any better than that?  So look around, find that perfect something and click away.  We’ll pack it up and get out to you faster than a sleigh being pulled by a bunch of reindeer (usually within 24hrs).  It’ll be on your doorstep before you know it, so you can wrap it up or get to work.  But whatever you choose to do, you can rest assured that ToolHQ stands behind all of its products and we are always here to help.

Whether you need a new brushless drill from like the Makita LXT239 or a new Milwaukee circular saw, we wish you a happy holiday season and invite you to take advantage of our free domestic shipping to make the season even brighter.  We all know that the holidays are a time to rest, spend time with family, but when it’s time to get back to work, you want the best tool for the job and that’s where we come in.

A Tool Guy’s Christmas List

It doesn’t seem possible, but Christmas is right around the corner (again) and if you haven’t already started shopping for that perfect gift for the tool nut in your life, now’s the time to do it. Really, you can never start too soon.  I like to start making my list around the second week of January.   Forget about another sweater, another belt or pair of socks; get him what he really wants-a new power tool.  Has he been good all year?  Maybe he can do even better on the honey do list next year with a few more tools in the garage.  Here’s a list of some of the cool power and hand tools that will be sure to put a smile on his face Christmas morning and every time he gets ready to use one of them.
ToolHQ - Makita LXDT01 Impact Driver Kit
   1. Makita LCDT01 LXT Cordless 18v Impact driver kit.

This kit is the next step in cordless technology, offering a brushless motor which allows it to run more efficiently and cooler, all in a compact package.


ToolHQ - Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 Cordless 4 Tool Combo Kit

   2. Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 18v Cordless tool kit.

This kit has everything that you would need all in one neat package that will fit under the tree.  It has a Milwaukee’s most popular tools, including a hammer drill/driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw and flashlight.


ToolHQ - Leatherman Super Tool 300   3. Leatherman Super Tool 300.

They say that the best presents come in small packages and this multi-tool proves that point.  It has everything that you would need in one pocket sized package.  With 19 heavy duty tool options and an included carrying pouch, what else could you need?


ToolHQ - DeWalt Starter Kit - DE9135 - 240V Lithium Batteries   4. Don’t forget the batteries!

The kids aren’t the only ones that need batteries, don’t forget the batteries for the big kid in your life.  Battery kits from Milwaukee, DeWalt and Makita make excellent choices for giving.



ToolHQ - Titan Tekz 18196 - 40 Piece Socket Set

   5. Titan TEKZ 40pc Socket Set.

Not everything has to be battery powered, sometimes elbow grease is enough.  These sockets from Titan are perfect for getting the job done when you have to get your hands dirty and he’ll love them.

Music Makes The Day Pass Easier

Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 12v Cordless Radio - ToolHQEach day we all face challenges that can make difficult projects even harder.  We all have our ways to cope, to get through the day.  Some of us reach for an energy drink, some of us grab that third or fourth cup of coffee, but the point is that we all have ways to make it through a tough day.  One thing that many people use to get through the day is music.  Music can make you feel better, it makes time go by faster and if you’re listening to the right kind of music, it can actually change your mood.  So if you are in a bad mood, put on some good music and you are sure to be smiling and feeling better sooner than later.

Now, in the old days, back before tool manufacturers were wise to the idea of building jobsite tough radios, we would have to compromise.  You would bring along a portable radio, and sooner or later it would get broken or dirty or rained on and you would have to pick something else up from the store.  There were many jobs that I was on that I would just open the doors and windows of my car and use the radio in the car to entertain me during the day.  Of course, there are some problems with that solution as well.  So when the big tool manufactures started putting energy into, making jobsite radios, it was a welcome addition to my tool box.

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Is a Cordless Miter Saw Worth It?

Makita Cordless Mitre SawMiter saws are a necessity on almost any jobsite.  They are going to allow you to make precise and repetitive cuts that other saws just aren’t able to make.  You are going to obviously make miter cuts, angles and bevels, but you can also use the say to make repetitive cross cuts by using some sort of jig.  Anybody doing any trim work or precision woodwork is going to want a miter saw on the scene.  The nice thing about this saw is the amount of work that it can do and the amount of time that it saves you.  The drawbacks have always been portability and the need for a power supply.

Now, with the newest battery technology, having a cordless miter saw is a possibility that makes sense and is a viable option.  There have been portable, cordless miter saws in the past, but before lithium ion technology, you just didn’t get the battery life and power to weight ration that made it a real option in most cases.  But as battery and motor technology has improved, the benefits of a cordless miter saw have become more apparent and overshadows the negatives and drawbacks.

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Do People Even Use Corded Tools Anymore?

With all the focus on cordless tools and cordless tool technology these days, it’s easy to forget that manufacturers are still making good old fashioned corded tools.  In fact, with all the focus on cordless tools, you might wonder if manufacturers are even spending money on corded tool R & D.  They still are, only, these are not the same kind of corded tools that your father and grandfather used.  These tools are much more ergonomic, user friendly and offer much more power than tools in the past.

Milwaukee Corded Circular Saw Milwaukee Corded Drill ToolHQ

All of the major manufacturers, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Bosch and Makita are still making corded models of all of their tools and adding new ones each year.  They are building the breadth and width of their product lines with new tools, new technology, which only makes it better for those of us using the tools.  There are of course tools that wouldn’t make sense having cordless and just wouldn’t work in a cordless version, so it is a tool like this that we look at a corded tool as the only option.  Tools such as table saws, routers and jackhammers come to mind.  These are tools that need tremendous power and if you tried making a battery powered tool, you just wouldn’t get very far and you would be wasting time and money.  But as with the corded tools getting more powerful and lighter, the corded tools are getting some of the same benefits.  Materials are getting lighter and stronger, and motors are getting lighter and stronger as well.

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Why Pick That Circular Saw?

Milwaukee 18V M18 6 1/2 Circular Saw - ToolHQWe all know that a power tool is 50% performance, meaning you take into account what the reviews and the spec sheet might say and the other 50% is preference of brand over other brands.  We all do it, whether it is with the work boots we wear or the restaurant that we eat in or a number of a million other things.  We pick what is comfortable, what we are used to and what have proven reliable in the past.  That’s great, it is a good way to keep using what you like and manufacturers like it because they have another brand loyal customer.  But what is there was something out there that you might like as well?  What if there was something out there that you might like even better?

I know, it’s a hard concept to get your head around.  I do it too; I resist change whenever I can.  Ask my wife or my boss, I like things how they are and how they’ve been.  Why change something that has been working well?  But you never know.  Take my circular saw for instance.  I use a Bosch circular say because it is powerful and it does a great job.  It has not let me down once.  But it is not the first circular saw that I have owned.  My first saw was a Makita, my second saw was a Makita and my third saw was a DeWALT.  My forth saw was a Makita.  Notice a pattern?  I loved those Makita saws; they were comfortable, lightweight and did a great job.  They didn’t have all the bells and whistles that the DeWALT saw had, but they had something else that was more important at the time.  They were familiar and comfortable.  I hated it each time I lost one.  I wouldn’t have even tried the DeWALT saw except that somebody lent it to me and then gave it to me.  But as soon as I had a chance, I went out and bought a Makita.  It was like meeting up with an old friend.

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Brand Review: Makita Tool Company

Makita 7 Tool Cordless Combo Kit - ToolH!When Makita power tools are discussed, you will often hear the words quality and premium.  That is because Makita prides itself on using not only the best raw material available, but the best and most rigorous testing methods as well.  They have been making electric motors for nearly a century and in that time, they have learned a thing or two about innovation and quality.

It starts with the raw materials that they use.  Makita uses only the highest quality raw materials when making their motor components.  They only use premium grade steel for their armature shafts and gears.  They also will use 97% pure magnetic copper wire for superior current flow and also to help protect against high temperatures.  They also adhere to some of the industries tightest tolerances to keep the tools running at their best and lasting for a long time.

Makita, although known for their cordless line of power tools, makes many other kinds of tools.  They make corded version of many industrial, construction and woodworking tools.  They also have a full line of lawn and garden tools that are among the highest rated among customers and professionals.  Many of their lawn equipment is offered in powerful, cordless versions as well.

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Product Review: Makita BTD141 Impact Driver Kit (DC18RA Charger 2x BL1830 Batteries 240V)

Makita BTD141 Impact Driver Kit - ToolHQThe Makita BTD141 Impact driver kit is Makita’s 18 volt LXT battery powered impact driver.  This kit comes with the impact driver, charger(DC18RA) and two 18 volt LXT batteries(BL1830).  This cordless impact driver is perfect for all the jobs that require power and freedom form cords.  It offers 1330 inch pounds of maximum torque, so you know it has some serious power.  It weighs in at just about three pounds and has an ergonomic design that feels good and is well balanced in your hand.  It is comparable to some other tools on the market, Milwaukee and Dewalt both have 18 volt impactors and it compares well to both of these competitors.  But if you are a fan of Makita tools, the way they run and their quality, then you will definitely want to stay with this series of tools.  At ToolHQ, you will receive the 240 volt charger as well.  It is a factory approved charger so you will have no problem using it or have any worry about using unauthorized products and voiding your warranty.

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What Power Tool Is the Best is Very Subjective

Makita BSS611Z Circular Saw - ToolHQAlright, so you want to know what power manufacturer makes the best power tools.  You aren’t sure what brand to get so you want to do a little research before settling on one brand over another.  The thing is that these tools aren’t made like they were in the old days.

There is no one manufacturer that has cutting edge technology that blows the other brands out of the water.  There is no one brand that outlasts any other brand by a significant margin and they all carry about the same length of warranty.  So what it all comes down to are the features of the tools and the personal preference that you have towards the tools.  That is why it is critical that you get your hands on some of these tools and try them out before you make up your mind.

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Product Review: Makita BGA452Z 18V LXT Cordless Cut-Off Angle Grinder BARE BGA452

Makita BGA452Z 18V LXT Cordless Cut Off Angle Grinder - ToolHQMakita is a well known brand; they make some great tools for the jobsite or for the homeowner that wants some serious power and performance.  The Makita BGA452Z keeps that tradition alive with the power and performance that you would expect from their 18 volt cordless line of tools.  This is not the central tool in their line-up, it is not their famous cordless drill or circular saw; it is just a grinder.  So it isn’t fancy or glamorous.  It is just a grinder, meant to work hard and get dirty.

There are no surprises on this tool; it is not gold plated, it does not have a built in MP3 player or GPS, but what it is supposed to do:  it does very well.   First off, this is part of Makita’s 18 volt line, so you already know that it is going to have the power that you need.  Their lithium ion batteries work hard and are long lasting.  And because of the Makita built motor, it offers 50% faster grinding, spinning at an impressive 10000 rpm’s.  This means that the job you are doing will be done faster, allowing you to get on to something else.   Like all of Makita’s cordless tools, this one is built with the operator in mind.

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