DeWalt Offers a Great Solution to Your Impact Needs

ToolHQ - Dewalt Nut Driver SetYou already have the tools; make sure you have the right accessories to go along with them.  The DeWalt 4 piece magnetic nut driver set is a must have when using your cordless impact driver. These impact bits are the solution to those pesky, hard to reach areas that make the job harder than it needs to be.   Not only does the kit include the 4 most popular sizes, including ¼:, 5/16”, 3/8” and 7/16”, the bits pivot as well.

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This DeWalt Hammer Drill Kit has it All Together

DeWalt - DCD985B Drill Driver SetDeWalt isn’t one of the biggest manufacturers of tools in the world for no reason.  They continue to release products that make their customers jobs easier.   They make tools to get the job done faster and more efficiently, while trying not to break the bank.  Their tools are affordable to the DIY as well as the craftsman.  What’s more, the tools are great quality, high technology and continue to offer years of reliability.

The DCD985B kit is a great example of getting a quality package of power and technology at a great price.  The 18V/20V max hammer drill kit has everything you need to get started.  You get the bare tool of course, but you also get the 20V max lithium ion battery pack.  It has a three speed all metal transmission to make sure that you have the right speed range for whatever job you are tackling.  It also has a ½” metal ratcheting chuck to keep the bit gripped and in place, with and integrated LED light and belt clip. You will also get the 30 minute battery charger as well.

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Big Power in Small Packages

It’s amazing how much progress manufacturers have made with their cordless products over the years.  Long ago, when cordless tools were first being introduced and gain popularity, the only benefit that the cordless tool had was that it was in fact cordless.  They had less power than their corded counterparts and they were just as bulky and often had higher limitations in what could be done with them.  You would have to use a drill that was underpowered or oversized, and not really as portable as you really wanted it to be.

ToolHQ - Cordless Drills

The years went by and over the past decade and a half or so, the tools got much more powerful, but there was a trade off again.  They were getting ridiculously bulky, with giant battery packs that were oversized and overpriced.  But that has changed over the last couple of years.  Manufacturers are getting the hang of making their tools high tech, with computer programming and lithium ion technology that has changed the game.

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Power Tools Are Like Old Friends

ToolHQ - WorkBenchI was cleaning up my garage this weekend and part of my effort was spent looking over my power tools.  Cleaning them, making sure that they were all in their proper cases and places, and while I was doing it I started thinking.  My wife would say that when I start thinking, is usually about the time I start getting myself in trouble.  But I wasn’t starting a new project or tearing anything apart, just straitening up a bit, nothing that could cause too much trouble.  But what I started thinking about was how long I had had some of these power tools that were hanging out in my garage.  I started thinking of all of the projects and mileage each one had.  Of course some of them are newer than others, but most of them I have had for quite a while.  Some of them I still use, others have been relegated to light duty because of a heavy duty replacement, and others I remember, but no longer have.

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A Tool Guy’s Christmas List

It doesn’t seem possible, but Christmas is right around the corner (again) and if you haven’t already started shopping for that perfect gift for the tool nut in your life, now’s the time to do it. Really, you can never start too soon.  I like to start making my list around the second week of January.   Forget about another sweater, another belt or pair of socks; get him what he really wants-a new power tool.  Has he been good all year?  Maybe he can do even better on the honey do list next year with a few more tools in the garage.  Here’s a list of some of the cool power and hand tools that will be sure to put a smile on his face Christmas morning and every time he gets ready to use one of them.
ToolHQ - Makita LXDT01 Impact Driver Kit
   1. Makita LCDT01 LXT Cordless 18v Impact driver kit.

This kit is the next step in cordless technology, offering a brushless motor which allows it to run more efficiently and cooler, all in a compact package.


ToolHQ - Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 Cordless 4 Tool Combo Kit

   2. Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 18v Cordless tool kit.

This kit has everything that you would need all in one neat package that will fit under the tree.  It has a Milwaukee’s most popular tools, including a hammer drill/driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw and flashlight.


ToolHQ - Leatherman Super Tool 300   3. Leatherman Super Tool 300.

They say that the best presents come in small packages and this multi-tool proves that point.  It has everything that you would need in one pocket sized package.  With 19 heavy duty tool options and an included carrying pouch, what else could you need?


ToolHQ - DeWalt Starter Kit - DE9135 - 240V Lithium Batteries   4. Don’t forget the batteries!

The kids aren’t the only ones that need batteries, don’t forget the batteries for the big kid in your life.  Battery kits from Milwaukee, DeWalt and Makita make excellent choices for giving.



ToolHQ - Titan Tekz 18196 - 40 Piece Socket Set

   5. Titan TEKZ 40pc Socket Set.

Not everything has to be battery powered, sometimes elbow grease is enough.  These sockets from Titan are perfect for getting the job done when you have to get your hands dirty and he’ll love them.

Building a Workshop as a Weekend Project

One of the things that we never seem to have enough of is space.  I know that I’m always running out of it.  This lack of space is especially true in my garage, where I keep my tools and try to have a bit of a workshop.  This area is also known as the “collection area” because everything always seems to end up in there.  Whether it is a project that I am working on, lawn tools or the kids’ toys, they all have to share room with the holiday decorations and the garden tools.  Now, organizing it would be step one and I have built shelves and arranged it about as well as I can arrange it, but maybe it is time for another project.

What I have in mind is a new building in the backyard.  This building can be used for nothing more than a workshop and storage for my tools and ongoing projects.  This is a project that I have been considering for a while now and I have it all planned out and it will make my life a whole lot easier.  I am going to build it on a 14’x20’ concrete slab.  Once I pour the concrete, which will be a project in itself, I will frame the building, with windows on all four sides for light and air circulation and get the building dried in. The electrical work is something that I am not comfortable doing on my own so I will have to hire a contractor to do the wiring and do all of the connections for me.  There will be no plumbing, even though it would be nice to have running water and a sink, but you can’t have everything I suppose.  I will use vinyl siding which should be fairly quick and inexpensive for this size of a building.  It would be nice to match it with the brick on the house, but that would cause me to go over budget.

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3 Things to look for in a Recip Saw (plus a couple of innovations)

Bosch CRS180B 18V Reciprocating Saw - ToolHQFor anybody that has ever used a hand saw, you know how much of a pain in the- you know what- it can be.  They were designed to do a specific job and for what they are for, they are just fine.  But if you have a choice, and most of us do, you would not choose to use a hand saw for any normal job.  So now you have some choices and everybody has used a circular saw for straight cut and jigsaws for curves and angles and reciprocating saws for all of those other times when a traditional saw just won’t work.  The reciprocating saw has come a long way over the years and there are new innovations each year.  Remember when you had to use a key to change out the blade?  That was a hassle, but it was still better than the alternative.

So what do you look for in a reciprocating saw?  There are a few choices and you do have some options.  The obvious option of course is whether or not to go cordless.  Cordless reciprocating saws have progressed a lot over the last few years and you don’t have to compromise any longer.  With an 18 volt system, you are going to get as much power as you need for just about any job.   So here are a few things that you are going to be looking for in a new reciprocating saw.

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Why Pick That Circular Saw?

Milwaukee 18V M18 6 1/2 Circular Saw - ToolHQWe all know that a power tool is 50% performance, meaning you take into account what the reviews and the spec sheet might say and the other 50% is preference of brand over other brands.  We all do it, whether it is with the work boots we wear or the restaurant that we eat in or a number of a million other things.  We pick what is comfortable, what we are used to and what have proven reliable in the past.  That’s great, it is a good way to keep using what you like and manufacturers like it because they have another brand loyal customer.  But what is there was something out there that you might like as well?  What if there was something out there that you might like even better?

I know, it’s a hard concept to get your head around.  I do it too; I resist change whenever I can.  Ask my wife or my boss, I like things how they are and how they’ve been.  Why change something that has been working well?  But you never know.  Take my circular saw for instance.  I use a Bosch circular say because it is powerful and it does a great job.  It has not let me down once.  But it is not the first circular saw that I have owned.  My first saw was a Makita, my second saw was a Makita and my third saw was a DeWALT.  My forth saw was a Makita.  Notice a pattern?  I loved those Makita saws; they were comfortable, lightweight and did a great job.  They didn’t have all the bells and whistles that the DeWALT saw had, but they had something else that was more important at the time.  They were familiar and comfortable.  I hated it each time I lost one.  I wouldn’t have even tried the DeWALT saw except that somebody lent it to me and then gave it to me.  But as soon as I had a chance, I went out and bought a Makita.  It was like meeting up with an old friend.

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Why Are Lithium Batteries Preferred?

Over the years, there have been many advances in cordless power tool technology.  For a long time it was all about getting more power by having a higher voltage tool.  So, you saw a rapid increase in voltage from 9.6 volts all the way to 36 volts.  Of course, with the older technology you were going to make some tradeoffs for all of that extra power.  With NiCd or nickel cadmium, you were going to get the power that you wanted, but you were going to have to make some sacrifices to get there.  With the newer lithium ion technology, you get the power that you need, and gain some other significant improvements along the way.  Bu,t like anything else with benefits, there will always be a few drawbacks, as well.

Let’s look at the positives for both types of batteries first:

Pros for lithium                                                     Pros for NiCd

  1. Lighter weight                                          1.  Technology is proven
  2. Smaller size                                             2.  No memory
  3. No memory                                              3.  Lower price point
  4. Almost no discharge                              4.  Established on jobsites, built-in compatibility

Milwaukee 48-11-1828 18V M18 Red Lithium Battery

Milwaukee 48-11-1828 18V M18 Red Lithium Battery

DeWalt DC9096 18V XRP Extended Lithium Battery

DeWalt DC9096 18V XRP Extended Lithium Battery

You can easily see how the different flooring options can change the look of the space from traditional to contemporary. Not only do you have choices in the material and look of the flooring, you can choose the look of the room by having it surrounded by different items. You can partially close off the space with fences, walls, or vegetation. You can have the entire area open to the elements or you can have coverings in the form of awnings, canopies’s or even a roof. But what the spaces all have in common is that they should be inviting and allow you to enjoy the sounds, smells and feel of the great outdoors. It is up to you to bring whatever conveniences that you feel you want or need into the space.

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Product Review: DeWalt DC628K Cordless Finish Nailer Kit

DeWalt DC628K Cordless Finish Nailer KitDeWalt is known for their cordless power tools and even their corded power tools; they have a good reputation among contractors for both lines of tools.  What you don’t think about when you think about DeWalt is a cordless nail gun.  There are a couple of other manufacturers that might come to mind first, but don’t shortchange the DeWalt DC628K.  This kit is a great tool and very good companion to the rest of the DeWalt tools that you are already hauling around.  First off, this is the kit so it comes with an 18 volt XRP battery and one hour charger.  It also has a nice and handy carrying case with it that holds everything in place.

What you will also want to know is that the tool is pretty lightweight, at just over 9 pounds with the battery attached.  It is small enough and compact enough to give you maneuverability in those tight corners and around other objects, which is perfect for when you are doing trim work and other tasks.  It has a rear load magazine which makes loading easy and fast and with access to the nosepiece, there are no tools required for removing jammed nails.  This tool is versatile enough to be used on the jobsite for trim work or cabinet work or it can be used for production.  It is heavy duty enough and has bump operating speed for production work.  The tool requires 34 degree, 15G nails and can accommodate lengths from 1 ¼” up to 2 ½”, which make it versatile enough for multiple jobs.  The other nice thing about this tool being a DeWalt brand tool is that you don’t have to worry about messing with another battery charger and the batteries are interchangeable with the tools that you are already using on the job.  And with their reputation of making great power tools, this finish nail gun falls into the same category and holds to the high standards that any user of DeWalt power tools is already accustomed to.

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The World of Lasers and Levels

Bosch DLR130K Laser Distance Measure

Bosch DLR130K Laser Distance Measure

Like everything in the world, construction and building is moving into a highly technical and technology driven industry.  You see it every year when the new batches of power tools from the major manufacturers are released.  They are all trying to get the upper hand by building their tools to a higher standard, making the more accurate and more powerful.  Building is no exception.  You must be precise, accurate and eliminate mistakes wherever and whenever you can.  There are tools that help you become more accurate and even help to speed up the process in which specific jobs are done.  These high tech tools are a staple on most jobsites and help to increase the accuracy and precision of everyday jobs, while being convenient and easily accessible to the users.  Of course we are discussing laser measuring tools.

There are a lot of categories in the line of laser tools as well as quite a few manufacturers.  They even add a laser guide to some saws for accuracy and precision that it is hard to get from just the naked eye.  When it comes to picking out what kinds of tools you want, chances are that your favorite power tool manufacturer makes what you are looking for.  You have Dewalt, Milwaukee and Bosch among just a few of the major power tool manufacturers that offer a line of precision laser measuring tools.

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Product Review: Dewalt DW079KDT 18V Self-Leveling Rotary Laser level Package with Tripod

Dewalt DW079KDT 18V Self-Leveling Rotary Laser level Package with Tripod - ToolHQIt is easy to forget that everything is becoming more advanced and high tech every year.  You get used to do something one way and sometimes you forget that change can be good and doesn’t have to be scary.  That is where a tool such as the Dewalt DW079KDT comes in.  It is the kind of tool that you can’t be afraid to try.  And even though it looks complicated and a bit intimidating, it really isn’t.  And once you get the hang of it and use it a few times, you will wonder how you lived without it.

The first thing that you will notice when you open up the box is that this kit contains everything that you need to get started and then some.  Not only do you get the rotary laser, but you get a heavy duty aluminum tripod, one 18 volt battery, one hour battery charger, digital laser detector, wall mount, remote control, target card and a pair of laser enhancement glasses.  This really is a one stop shop kit that has everything you need.  The next thing that you notice is that the tool feels like a tool.  It has some weight, and feels like it is put together extremely well.  You won’t be worried about it breaking in your hands before you have a chance to use it.

Now, for the specs and performance of the tool; which is why you need one of these anyway.  This tool is going to give you level lines both vertical and horizontal.  It is perfect for hanging ceiling grids or leveling shelves and cabinets.  The unit is weatherproof, which is a nice thing to know when you’re out on the jobsite and the wind is kicking up and the air is damp.  You don’t have to worry about putting it away every time a rain cloud blows in.  The unit also is self leveling both horizontal and vertical.  It makes set-up a breeze and because it is calibrated right out of the box, you can use it immediately.  The unit also will shut off automatically if it manages to get out of square.  This is to eliminate the chances of mistakes and errors.  The laser is readable at a distance of up to 22 feet with different speeds to make the laser visible for many different applications.  Another nice feature on this tool is that you can use any of Dewalts cordless batteries from the 9.6 up to 18 volt series.  You never know when you might need to use another battery and this gives you a little more flexibility.  Bottom line, this is a great tool for any leveling application and is built to withstand the high demands of the jobsite.

What Power Tool Is the Best is Very Subjective

Makita BSS611Z Circular Saw - ToolHQAlright, so you want to know what power manufacturer makes the best power tools.  You aren’t sure what brand to get so you want to do a little research before settling on one brand over another.  The thing is that these tools aren’t made like they were in the old days.

There is no one manufacturer that has cutting edge technology that blows the other brands out of the water.  There is no one brand that outlasts any other brand by a significant margin and they all carry about the same length of warranty.  So what it all comes down to are the features of the tools and the personal preference that you have towards the tools.  That is why it is critical that you get your hands on some of these tools and try them out before you make up your mind.

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Product Review: DeWalt DC330B Cordless 18V Jig Saw NANO DC330 NEW BARE TOOL

DeWalt DC330B Cordless 18V Jig Saw - ToolHQThe jigsaw is an often overlooked tool, only becoming important when you realize that you need one.  But any job that requires cutting odd lines, curves and especially plunge cuts, the jigsaw is the tool of choice.  Of course, you can use something else, make something else work, but you won’t get the results that you are looking for.  The only thing better than a jigsaw, is a cordless jigsaw.  And the DeWalt DC330 is a great jigsaw that any contractor or DIY homeowner would be proud to use.  It is a well built, quality tool and has a heavy duty feel that many home brands just don’t have.  This is a contractor grade tool, not a throwaway homeowner tool.  This tool would feel at home in a cabinet shop, a garage or on the jobsite.  This tool is available as part of a kit, but this particular model is a bare tool.  You will want to make sure that you have the matching charger and batteries before making a purchase.  The nice thing about this tool is how easy it is to use.  It cuts smoothly in almost any material, make sure you have the proper blade installed, and does so because of the variable speed motor with 0-3000 strokes per minute.  It can also cut on multiple angles, for those finishing cuts.  Another nice thing about this tool is what you don’t have to worry about, and that is the cord.  Continue reading

Product Review: DeWalt DCK655X 18V XRP Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kit NEW

Dewalt DCK655X XRP 6 Piece Combo Kit - ToolHQDeWalt DCK655X 18V XRP Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kit two-collar design enables users to quickly transition between different modes without changing clutch settings. Drill has a patented, three-speed transmission that matches each speed to the appropriate applications. 18V cordless reciprocating saw with keyless blade clamp allows for quick blade change without touching blade or reciprocating shaft.Featuring a series of tools that are both powerful and versatile, the DEWALT 18-Volt XRP Ni-Cad DCK655X Six-Tool Cordless Combo Kit makes it easy to get jobs done quickly. Each tool features a balanced body that’s easy to control, plus smart design details that allow for application-specific performance. Each component is powered by DEWALT’s XRP extended run time battery system.

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Product Review: DeWalt DW2153 Impact Ready Screwdriving Driver Set 34-Piece

DeWalt DW2153 - ToolHQThe DeWalt DW2153 34-piece screwdriving set consists of the most commonly used bits that are made of special steel designed to be ultra-durable. Each bit uses a black oxide process for greater wear resistance and strength. As DEWALT’s most durable fastening bit system, the tips in the DW2153 set can be used with impact tools rated for up to 2,000 in/lbs. of torque. The kit consists of a variety of different tips, including Phillips, square drive, and flat head bits.

DeWalt DW2153 Screw Driving Set Features:

  • Includes Best In Class most common Impact Driver Accessories
  • Includes new Patented PIVOT HOLDER – Drive Straight or in Pivot Mode
  • Some sets include Impact Driver Deep Sockets
  • Some sets include One-piece Design Drill Bits
  • Black oxide powder coat finish
  • Ideal for any Applications where Impact Drivers are used
  • Comes with a storage case for easy storage and portability

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Product Review: DeWALT DC9096 18V XRP Extended Run-Time High Capacity Battery Pack


DeWalt DC9096 – 18 volt XRP Battery Pack. The DC9096 XRP 18-volt Extended Run Time batteries delivers 40%  more run time than standard batteries.  For use with all DeWalt 18-volt cordless tools.

DeWalt DC9096 Battery Pack Features:

  • High capacity XRP battery has 40% more run-time than standard batteries
  • Powers entire DEWALT line of 18V tools allowing users to run multiple tools off of the same battery pack

Product Description:

For handymen, contractors and construction workers, if you’re an owner of DeWalt cordless power tools, and have been looking for a cordless power solution, your quest is over.  DeWalt now provides you with the DC9096 18V XRP Extended Run-Time High Capacity Battery Pack.  The new DC9096 outperforms all previous DeWalt models and stacks up well against the competition.

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